Executive Coaching for Individuals

Hiring an Executive Coach is a bomb proof way to convert objectives into reality.  Just like athletes and coaches team up for results in sports, so do individuals and Executive Coaches in the work realm.  Any good athlete can train on their own to perform.  And they do.  But teaming with a coach helps athletes push beyond where they would go alone, achieve bigger goals faster & have the support they need to move through rough patches.  The same holds for working with an Executive Coach.


In her Executive Leadership Coaching, Anne combines her coaching certifications from both The Coach’s Training Institute and Team Coaching International with an MBA from Stanford and her own 20+ years of experience working first as a consultant for Bain & Company and then as a rising consumer tech marketing executive for both large companies and small start-ups in Silicon Valley.  Having both rigorous coaching training and real world business experience in her background gives Anne a unique toolset with which to help her clients grow as leaders in the workplace.

Anne works with rising stars as well as senior executives.  She customizes each Executive Coaching engagement to the specific objectives of her client.  Depending on their needs, she’ll bring a variety of tools and techniques to bear, ranging from 360 Reviews to Leadership Profiling and growth exercises based on the Emotional Intelligence work of Daniel Goleman, Robert Kegan and Lisa Laskow Lahey.


Anne also helps leaders and strivers with career development.  Her #1 objective in this work is to help her clients thrive in what they do.  With a firm belief that life’s too short for Bad Mondays, Anne helps clients with a range of significant career moves.  These include finding & shifting to a more fulfilling career, re-designing a current job to play to a client’s strengths and passions or developing key capabilities in order to land a desired promotion.  In all cases, Anne helps her clients truly understand & leverage their top strengths, identify and align with their core values and intentionally integrate their careers with their lives for maximum fulfillment.


Anne works with a broad range of professional men & women.  What’s common among them is that they are all high-achievers who want more.  Of something.  Many have been extremely successful in what they’ve done to date but sometimes feel like something’s missing.  They want to feel like they’re doing what they were born to do, but don’t feel like they’ve found it yet.  Anne helps them do just that.

Many are also struggling with the fast pace of successful careers and the all-too-often downsides of stress and burnout.  Anne helps them design an integrated (note, not balanced) life where work and life don’t fight each other for time but instead enjoy a sustainable coexistence.


Anne works via phone in sessions of :45 minutes.  All engagements start with a kick off session where client objectives for success are clearly laid out.  From that session forward, all sessions are geared towards relevant exploration, action planning & achieving a client’s objectives.  Anne assigns homework (collaboratively determined with her clients) and is available 24/7 to help her clients achieve success.  BOTTOM LINE:  Anne and her clients are insanely capable teams of two, dedicated to moving forward & fundamentally making  change happen.

Sounds good.  Now what?

By far the best way to understand coaching is to chat with Anne.  Just drop her a line and find a time to connect.  She’ll do some free coaching for you & answer any questions you may have.  There’ll be no pressure to buy.  Promise.