Executive Coaching for Teams

Anne coaches business teams ranging from start-up founding teams to public company executive leadership teams.  In part, she draws on her 20-year experience in the business world of Silicon Valley where she enjoyed a wide range of roles including team member, collaborator, consultant and leader.

Anne is also a certified team coach, having trained with Team Coaching International, a leading business coaching firm which specializes in coaching teams as systems.  Key to this coaching methodology is a data-driven team assessment which delivers a snapshot of team performance along two critical dimensions:  positivity and productivity.

Anne also coaches individuals within teams to improve their performance and leadership capabilities.  Here, Anne draws largely on the heavily-researched leadership and team dynamic rubric of Jim Collins in Good To Great, Daniel Goleman in Working with Emotional Intelligence and Primal Leadership as well as Robert Kegan and Lisa Laskow Lahey in Immunity to Change.


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