Why invest in coaching?  Because it works.  That’s both the bottom line and the truth.

A good coach provides the structure, discipline & inspiration for you to achieve more than you even thought possible.  And you will.  When you consider investing in coaching, ask yourself how much it’d be worth to make the tough move out of wherever you’re stuck.  Then know that your investment will pale in comparison to what it is you’ll experience when you’ve moved far beyond whatever it was that held you back.


Here’s a good perspective on the value of coaching from an article in USA Today:

“When you [hire] someone to help you get where you want to go, you find yourself approaching things a little more seriously and more readily,” he says. “It’s kind of like when I went to college and invested in my education. It’s a continuation of that.

A coach can help you get that boost to push you along, and that momentum is going to propel you farther beyond what the average person can do.


And here’s the easy part:  just drop Anne a line & set up some time to talk.  She’ll answer any questions you may have & will likely toss in some free coaching as well.